Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

I can't believe it is already September 2012!! Where has the time gone?? It seems to be flying by faster, the older I get. My toes and fingers are teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and I'm wearing my awareness T-Shirt and if I could, I would shout from the roof-tops to listen to your body. Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer; it whispers so you need to listen. 

What are your plans for the month? Would you be willing to paint your toes teal to raise awareness? You know you want a pedicure anyway! 

Let me know what you're planning. 


Mom's Birthday

Today would have been Mom's 60th birthday. I still can't believe it. I can still hear her voice in my head and remember the last time she held my hand and that was December 2010. I hate that she had to fight so hard while she was alive only to be taken away too young. That's why I'm still here fighting to get the word out about Ovarian Cancer awareness, symptoms and the fact that you need to talk with your doctor if you think something isn't right. Don't wait until your annual appointment if you think something is wrong. Call now and make that appointment. You may have to see multiple doctors and get to the bottom of your issue, but don't stop. Make sure you are listening to your body.