Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is Your Opinion?

I was enjoying a cup of coffee and some breakfast at our local coffee house and I ran into an acquaintance of mine whose mom was undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Her mom survived ovarian cancer 20 years ago, but recently had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was talking to me about a documentary that she thought I should watch, Forks over Knives, written and directed by Lee Fulker. She and her family had watched it and then changed her mom's diet to only include fresh, whole foods as well as juices.

My friend said her mom's tumors have reduced in size and that she is feeling so much better. The doctors are a little skeptical with the results, but are keeping an open mind. She stands behind the ideas in the movie and thinks it is helping her mom a lot.

I have the documentary on my NetFlix queue and I'm planning on watching it soon. I was wondering if anyone has seen it and what your thoughts are regarding this lifestyle change?

I will update the blog with my thoughts once I watch the documentary and we can compare notes.

Much love.

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