Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Mission

My mom was 56 when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer.   She went through numerous rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries that were meant to help. She was in a coma for 6 weeks. She survived for two years and passed away in December of 2010.

She was a strong woman. She had the best laugh and the best hugs. That's how I want to remember her.

I miss her every day and I don't think that there is enough information out there about Ovarian Cancer so I've decided to start this blog. My goal is to promote awareness, provide information, share inspiring stories and resources to those looking for help. 

I remember researching on the internet for anything regarding Ovarian Cancer, but I could only find scattered information. This has to change. 

I want to hear from others who have supported those with Ovarian Cancer (other gyn cancers or any cancers), those who have lived through these cancers and who are survivors. Anyone who believes in getting the word out like I do.


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